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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Molluscum Contagiosum

Holy Smokes! I took Bec to the dermatologist yesterday to deal with the 20 or so molluscum on his neck and chest. He said that we could do 3 things to treat them:
1. Do nothing, but this can be frustrating as you never know when they will go away.
2. Freeze them which is painful and would hurt all of us involved.
3. Apply topical liquid in the office, which would cause them to blister, drain, and leave a tiny temporary minor white scar that he will grow out of at each molluscum site. He said that this option will have them cleared by Christmas.

Well, I chose #3 and OMG, you should see them. Blister is an understatement. It looks like he has burns all over. He seems slightly irritated with them, but does really well with a little tylenol. It just looks absolutely horrible. The molluscum themselves were very small, about the size of a large pencil lead. Each one now is blistered to the size of a quarter with skin peeling off. My poor baby. I hope that they get better soon.

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