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Friday, December 29, 2006

2 Updates

MRI Results - Clear! or "negative" as the assistant put it to Chris. I was still too scared to get the results myself so I called the office, left a message for them to call Chris on his cell. He then told me the great news. And it is funny. It's not as relieving as I thought that it would be. It's like I'm still scared because I'm used to it. I'm weird. And still dizzy! This is getting old.

Christmas Eve with Chris' mother- Went well! It was very odd, like a parallel universe or something because we all had fun. He had told her that she wasn't allowed to talk to me unless it was something positive, and she did that. She asked if we were spending Christmas with my family and also thanked me for coming. She also hugged me which really freaked me out as I'm not a super huggy kind of gal, especially with people I don't like. You guys, she hasn't ever said anything nice to me in 6 years! Always negativity. Yesterday Chris called her and told her what a great job that she did. I'm praying that it all continues! Regardless, there is one positive event under our belts.

When we got into the car and were leaving, Chris mentioned something about "baby steps" to me. I just looked at him. He then said, "you're right. Tonight was huge. Those weren't baby steps. You did really good." That man is learning!


MP2 said...

Isn't it exhausting to have to "parent" parents???! Happens here, too....

Christine said...

I'm so glad she didn't make Christmas Eve unpleasant for you, and your husband put things in perspective.

Wishing you and your family Happy New Years!