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Friday, December 10, 2010

I almost deleted my facebook last night

Before and during the election, facebook became an icky space for me. Add in my in-laws (of course) and a few experiences of me getting caught in the cross fire between friends, there are times that I go back and forth with keeping my account open.

So, then I feel guilty because, why do I do this to myself? And then I feel guilty because why should I think I can tell anyone else what to do with their posts? The election threw me though. I thought that facebook was a chance to connect with friends about your life happenings, not your political soapbox. I put up links as well during that time. But as I think back, I think that it was because I didn't want others to think I was agreeing to the very conservative content of a majority of my friends in the area, so I put up some links to things that I was voting for.

Why did I think that people would be honest when they put up their updates? Nobody ever said that was one of the rules. I just assumed.

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Carrie said...

Facebook is hard for me too, in that regard. It's complicated to say the least...