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Friday, September 03, 2010

You just never know

On Tuesday I went in for some dental work. They let me know that I would be pretty sore. But I was really surprised that it wasn't so bad at all.

then Wednesday night my jaw started to hurt. not by where my dental work was done and I thought that it was weird. It kept getting worse until I couldn't even rest last night.

Thinking that it may have something to do with my recent work I went in to the dentist this morning. Lo and behold, my back two wisdom teeth were showing signs of infection and they had to come out. Today.

Plans to spend the weekend out of town are now gone with the wind. DH is the best man, so off he goes for a few days without me. Thankfully all of the sitters are still in place, now my weekend consists of percocet, dvr and ice packs. Oh, and mashed potatoes.

I have been planning on going to this wedding for over a year. I'd planned out different beauty chores all summer in prep for this weekend. This week has been devoted to getting ready for leaving today. And then 6 hours before we leave, all bets are off. I keep thinking how odd that is. A year of thinking about this and now it's no longer an option. You just never know.

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Anonymous said...

youch :( I had my wisdom teeth extracted last year, not the kind of thing you want just sprung on you last minute!

I hope your on the mend and not in too much pain.