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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Back in the saddle

of our wonderful routine. I barely made it through this weekend. I've written before that the boys can barely stand a two day weekend away from school, let alone 3 days. The worst is when Chris has to work on the 3rd day, which thankfully, he didn't have to do yesterday. But he did golf for half of the day and OMG were we ready for him to be home.

So, I was all "yeah, Tuesday!" I went in to daycare and worked for a few hours, picked up Ivy from school, went to tour her new school with my sister, then went to Costco which I loved compared to going on Sunday which was very close to Hell with all of the people. Back home to unload, Ivy rode her bike in the park. Picked up Bec, Henry and our temp sitter LSW and took them all to soccer. Home to make dinner, showers for the older 2 kids. Now bed. Wonderful day. No need for any fat burning products for me with all of this running around.
Yeah Tuesday!

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