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Thursday, May 06, 2010

Things I am missing

my blog.
time to blog.
my other blog.
you guys.

the weather is crazy. my kids are sick. chris is working until Friday, then has next week off but is going to Vegas for a bachelor party thurs-sun. I'm excited for him.

I'm liking my new phone for all of it's features, but I'm not liking the phone part of it. How is that for ironic? Ah well, texting is much better for me anyway. I haven't even touched my netbooks since I got the phone. I hope that doesn't continue!

I've been cooking and baking and enjoying it. I haven't been working at massage very much and I'm not missing it which is unusual. I'm thinking that it is nice to have one less thing on my plate at the moment.

Reading and drawing sporadically. Isn't it sad how there never seems to be enough time?

Sending my love across the internet.

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