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Monday, May 17, 2010

thank yous

I have always been a fan of thank you notes, both writing and receiving. I'm hoping to pass this on to my kids. I think that it may be a fight with Becken as he despises any type of writing, but Ivy and Hendrix may be fair game.

Ivy is writing 3 thank you notes to relatives for hanging out with her this weekend. I'm not having her address them because of her need to write super large and I don't have any jumbo envelopes on hand at the moment.

She has a stash of cards with her name on them so whenever the mood strike her, she can write one out to whomever. I love it when I am one of the chosen ones for her coveted handwritten cards.


Kim said...

I was just going through a staff of things Miss M had given me and there were some really cute letters/notes to me. They made me smile out loud!

Kim said...

That was a stash not a staff.