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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Big Steps Continued

Or, maybe I'll list our reasons a couple of days later! Man, this month is flying.

Reasons for keeping her in public school
  • We pay for it. Considering taxes and levies, it makes sense to utilize something we have already paid for
  • Diversity. Our community is very diverse and keeping her in public school helps to reflect our family and our community in a school setting. She knows kids that are learning challenged, kids that speak different languages, kids that are adopted and kids that have same sex parents. We love that aspect.
  • Socialization in a big group. Ivy has a tendency to be very bossy. And very cry-y if she doesn't get her way. Family daycare and my parenting skills do not readily take Ivy to task for her fits. I'd get a bad case of stress related adult acne if I made myself be a disciplinarian. We feel that in a large group of kids, she's going to have to learn how to mix in during certain activities. This has happened and she has learned so many lessons that we could not have taught.
  • She gets to know and trust other adults that aren't related to her. We have a huge family. Our circles could easily only involve others that we are related to. She needs to know that other elders can be trusted and safe and need to be respected. On the flip side, she needs to come into contact with strangers and how to deal with people who make her uncomfortable. School can let all of this happen.
  • That being said, the school that she is in also has one of her grandmas and 2 of her cousins in attendance. So, although she is away from us, she still has a support group.

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