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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

I M on NOah's ArK

(this is a reprint of an email to my friend Mrs. I to explain my day) (hi Kim!)

At least with the flooding anyway. Just as much water today as yesterday but it seemed to soak the room further since it was still wet from yesterday. When I went to bed last night, I was keeping up with it by wet vacuuming every 4 hours. Then today I checked it at 8 and 10 and all was great. Then I went to get my hair done, returned about 5 hours later to a huge flood again! Grrr. I think that as the day wore on it got warmer and just all hell broke loose. And I'm so sore from yesterday I'm moving super slow with lots of aches.

So I called my sis and left her a msg about the basement just to vent and then she leaves me a msg that she heard from our licensor and she is coming out for our renewal inspection on Monday. So, it was nice knowing you, but you won't hear from me until Monday is over.

Then I pick up Henry from daycare and notice he has a goopy eye. The last time he had that he had an ear infection. So I totally have to skip my nephew's basketball game against town rivals to take the baby in to the doctor. And poor guy has an eye infection,ear infection and fever. :(

On a high note, I got my hair permed today and it looks great.

Off to wet vac some more!


Carrie said...

An ark is not a good place to be when your ark has water in it! Ugh!!!

Pretty Momma said...

PS We need pix of your hair!

Mrs. Inqvist said...

Oh Karianne, how much I would love a warm up, but how sucky for the crap you are dealing with because of it. Big (((HUGS))).

adventures north said...

Want to see the hair.