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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dreamy Boy

Becken has really been remembering his dreams lately and it is so interesting to hear all that happens. How he describes them is adorable of course, but also reading my own interpretations into them makes me intrigued to hear more. Most of the time, listening to my kids talk is better than a vacation in playa del carmen hotels. Even the sea on the shore doesn't sound better.

This morning, he comes to the couch and says, "Hey mom. I had another dream last night." "You did? What happened", I asked. He looks at me really flustered and says, "MOM, I don't have to tell you!! You were there too!" How funny is that? I had to explain that even though I was there in his dream, he was the only one that knew what happened because I couldn't remember any other dreams except the one that I had. Too cute.

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