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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

An off day

And not a day off.

I thought that the housekeeper was coming this morning. A few weeks ago she switched my time from Thursday mornings to Wednesday mornings, except on alternating weeks when I would be seen on Wednesday afternoons.

I thought today was a morning appt. but she didn't show, so now after I've run a few errands, I'm waiting around for about an hour to see if she is coming after 12. And if not, then I'll see her tomorrow morning.

Ultimately, I'll take whatever I can get. I'm avoiding going back to the little house so as not to bring any more stuff over here to where we are living. Forget needing Kettlebells, between lifting boxes and babies! I'm overwhelmed with stuff, but I'm wading through it little by little.

I'll sign off with this thought for the day that I read in my declutter newsletter this morning. "If you don't love it, and/or use it, it's clutter." I need to tattoo that on my hands while unpacking. It has made an impact.

On to the toys!!!! (Bleh)


Katie said...

I absolutely love moving. We moved a lot when I was little, so I've never been really attached to any one home. However, I hate hate hate unpacking. I feel you on this one.

alisonwonderland said...

"If you don't love it and/or use it, it's clutter."

Good concept! One I need to remember!