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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Be on the lookout

For Becken's red nintendo DS. Please! He got it for his birthday from my mom. And it has vanished into thin air. Disappeared. Is missing in action.

I supposed that I can find solace in the fact that we are moving and of course, some things will turn up missing. But it is driving me crazy!!! I want to know where that sucker is. Now it isn't even just wanting it back, but my curiosity is at the max. I'm needing wrinkle cream for all of my scowly lines, contemplating where it is.

Where oh where could it be?

I remember that it was on my desk at work. I remember putting it in my purse. I remember him needing a distraction and handing it to him. That was on a Friday. Then, that Sunday, it was gone! I can't remember if it was seen on Saturday at all. But it should be in this house. Or maybe the garage.

I really hope that it didn't get put into a bag at some point, then thrown out or given to Goodwill.


Melissa said...

ugh...hate that. I'm missing a pair of Ella's shoes....nothing expensive or irreplaceable, but she loved them. I know they came back from her dad's are either here...or what you said: goodwilled or tossed by mistake. :(

Carrie said...

Nothing like a lost item, especially one that holds quite a bit of value, to get one stressed. It's hard to get it out of one's mind! Hope it turns up soon!