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Sunday, July 05, 2009

A Weekend of Not Much

The next month of weekends for us is insane with going places, plans and commitments. So for this weekend, we decided to lay low and just see where our wants took us. And honestly, we didn't really go anywhere or do anything. I've had this random headache that always comes on when it is cloudy. Lots of advil.

  • I worked for a bit while my Ma watched the kiddos.
  • Chris worked for a bit.
  • We all went to a BBQ and swimming party at a friend's house.


  • I slept in and organized the kids' room.
  • Chris painted our front door black. (It looks really good, but when I drive past, I always think that I left the door open)
  • I watched The Ramen Girl on Netflix and liked it.


  • walked to the coffee place and had a 1/4 shot, soy, caramel latte.
  • tried to stay off of the computer
  • was up by 6 a.m. with Henry and watched Bride Wars, which was cute.
  • went to the Farmer's Market and Target with the family and bought socks and panties for Bec and Ivy, and a bumbo for the baby which he absolutely loves.
  • went to the library
  • donated 3 big white kitchen garbage sacks full of clothes to Goodwill
  • took a nap
  • started to hook up my ipod nano, but I'm stalled at which songs to start with.

And tomorrow we're back to the norm, which is where I like to be!

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