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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Reminder to self and others

Will someone, anyone, please please please remind me to get a "No Soliciting" sign for my door? Last spring while sick with the pregnancy nausea I swore that I would buy one. This spring is following suit with 3, count 'em 3 solicitors within the past week.

We have neighbor kids that come by to play often. I have nephews and siblings and parents that routinely stop by, so to hear a knock at the door isn't unusual. But when I open it up and see a stranger with paperwork, my heart falls. And I can be abrupt when need be, like when I really am not interested in something being sold. Hey, if they were selling diamond engagement rings, I just might be interested. But when I get snagged, I don't want to be totally rude. I used to sell newspaper subscriptions during college and I do feel some camaraderie for these youngsters going door to door. BUT

How does it make sense to come to someones house around dinner time? Not a good time for me. Especially since I just got home. The baby needs his breathing treatment. Bec stinks. Ivy is at her whiny best. And Chris won't be home for hours. Dinner needs to be done, the garbage taken out. And where am I? Juggling the baby and his bottle on the front step while Bec tries to escape out the front, listening to a spiel on home security systems.

I really need one of those signs! I kept mentioning it to Chris last year and his only request was that it look "stylish" and not like those cheap signs from the hardware store. (That is sooooo Chris!) But, you know what? Tomorrow, hopefully, I will pick one up at the closest store that sells them. He can replace it if it bothers him that much, but I so don't want to get caught again!

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