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Friday, January 02, 2009

Lots of Updates

Me update: Surgery went fine today, but recovery took a long time. My blood pressure is still an issue and they actually gave me a shot of medicine for it in my IV to regulate it post op. I'm starting to worry, which will, of course, make it worse. So, I've really got to stop that. If anyone has a remedy for worry, please let me know!

H update: Chris took H to meet his doctor today. So, I missed his initial appointment with our family doctor, but I'm letting it slide by my guilt since I was crashed out in bed recovering. H is now over 7 pounds, his belly button looks great (the cord fell off this week) and his iron levels turned out normal.

Around the house update: Chris re caulked our tub, having to scrape out all of the ucky stuff beforehand which turned out to be the biggest chore of all. Then applying the caulk and letting it dry. We have been having to take quick baths for ourselves and bathing the kids carefully as well. Today, I got to use the shower. Standing under a non Grohe faucet, with warm running water? One of the best parts of the day.


Anonymous said...

RX for Stress:

Comfy chair
Good book or good friend
Kids at families
Baby asleep at feet
Mojito or Such in hand
3-6 uninterupted hours

Melissa said...

I love the prescription above. :) Glad you're recovering. (I think there's a rule about always posting pictures of your new baby....isn't that a rule?)

Love to you!

Catherine said...

I love what Melissa said about always posting pictures of the new baby!!! That is a rule I love!!!

You are in my prayers honey!

Lots of love,