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Friday, December 12, 2008

A tiny bit awkward

Today I gave a massage to an old acquaintance of my parents. He knew that I looked familiar, but it wasn't until the end of the session that he placed me in his mind. That is always kind of uncomfortable, but I just go along, trying to be as unintrusive as possible and just see what happens.

While he was out in the waiting area, sipping his farewell tea before heading into the afternoon, he asked after my family. It was so weird because my dad just doesn't exist anymore for people. There was mention of everyone but him, and of course, he is dead, but still I felt this huge void where dad wasn't even mentioned. Or something like, "I'm sorry about your dad, etc." But no. Just nothing at all. Silence that surrounds the elephant in the living room.

I felt like including an update on dad, but I didn't. I felt like saying, "And of course, you know that dad is doing much better now that he is dead. He's a free spirit now and visits us kids and grandkids often." But honestly, just because he is dead, he is far from gone.


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