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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Family Days Exhaust Me

But, not as much as a 3 day weekend. Observing this Veteran's Day on a Tuesday worked out very well for us, especially since Chris is on vacation and was able to help out. I spent the majority of the day with Bec, while Ivy and Daddy did their own agendas. It was nice to spend time with the boy on his own, I seem to see Ivy much more than I do him.

We went to a middle school basketball game and Bec warmed up with the team. they were all about 3 times his size, but he stretched, ran laps and lines and did jumping jacks. He even decided to put himself into the game at one point where he escaped through my brother's fingers and got the whistle blown on him. He then came to me and tattled on the ref. He kept saying, "He did it!" and pointed an accusing finger at him. It was adorable. When he had to play soccer with his own 3 year old team tonight, he just goofed off. Guess that's what happens after you get a taste of the big leagues.

But tonight, I am give out. Chris and Ivy are asleep due to no naps, while Bec and are awake due to a 3 hour nap. Lately, when the two kids are together, they are fighting over anything and everything. Even over a Nikon binoculars a couple of nights ago. I try to sigh and separate them, but by the end of a long day, I can be a bit snippy. I hope to all that is good that I can handle 3 of them tag teaming me. And, in all reality, I guess that they all 3 already are.


MP2 said...

He got the whistle blown on him...what a riot!

Anonymous said...

My kids are doing the bickering thing too. Wonder if it's their ages? Seriously, they are always telling on one another, and one seems to be constantly whining or crying (or both of them are).


Anonymous said...

Hey, that was me, Carrie. :)

Melissa said...

i laughed at your true, so true. love 'em, but it's nice to have a break too!