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Monday, October 06, 2008

Trying Not to Panic!!

My treadmill is NOT WORKING!!

I decided to get an early start this morning after a rough night with Ivy. Today is our "homeschool" day, so along with all other house stuff, I try to mix it all up with treadmill breaks where I can read my book.

(I'm writing this while I"m on hold with customer service)

When I started it up, it gave me an error code of 3. So I looked up the manual on line, followed all of the steps to try to remedy the problem, but no go. Just imagine a seven month pregnant woman on the floor with thick dust, the cordless screwdriver, in her husband's tee shirt. Glad I could get a laugh out of you!!! It's not funny!!!


Customer service just said that the replacement part is out of stock until the end of October.

Now what??

I can't walk outside and read at the same time.

I'm sad. I'm in a panic. I have to go calm down.

I'll let keep you posted. This sucks.


Anonymous said...

Come to the gym...I know that it's got music, but yo can read and Ivy can play with me..


Carrie said...

That does suck! I wish we could walk together!