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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The Sweetest Things

Choosing Peace

Photo explanation: They did this on their own. Thankfully Chris was right by the camera! Who knows where they came up with this?

Here are some more things that my kids say that just melt my heart and bring a smile to my face.

Bec: "Happyween!" (Halloween)

Ivy: "Poe Doe" (Poodle)

But last night, something so bittersweet. Ivy woke up very early, as in 300, and says to me while snuggling in,
"Mommy, I could just hold you all day. Mommy, when Hendrix is born will you still hold me?" I told her that I will still be holding her when she is 37 and older. And this from the little beauty who hated to be touched for the first two years of her life. I'm so pleased that has changed.


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What an adorable picture!

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