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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Unintentional Tackle It Tues

Scheduled for today I had a meeting with our atty to finish up some paperwork for Bec's readoption at ten. Ivy and Chris were up and ready early on, so he took her to my brother's house to visit before school and then Bec and me took our time getting ready for the day.

Once at the atty office, we both realized that there were even more holes in our file that needed addressing. I spent 2 hours going back and forth from atty office to city hall. Then back again. And again. And then tonight I get home with more info that the judge found missing. This last part was my fault and I really hope that our agency can help us out by faxing some stuff so we can keep our court date next week instead of rescheduling it yet again!

I needed to help out with giving breaks at daycare and spent a couple of hours doing that.

Then!! Out of the blue!! My cousin in law calls and says that we can do my pregnancy photos this afternoon due to a cancellation in her schedule. This was HUGE.

If you want to read more about the shoot, head on over here

Regardless, I'm exhausted. So are the kids. So is Chris. But, wow, what a day!

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