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Thursday, September 04, 2008

And party month begins!

Prom pic from last year. The babies look so little!

Here is the invite that my sis sent out for our little brother's bday party next weekend. I have spent this past week looking for decorations and such, little planny things here and there. I just cannot wait for Homecoming!

I know it's hard to believe but my LITTLE brother is turning 30 next month. Last year to celebrate my sis's b-day we had "Prom" and in keeping with that tradition we are having "homecoming" for Jarod's bday. This is a Birthday celebration/fundraiser. Last year we raised over $700 for Adoption Advocates International and we are hoping to raise even more for The Pancreas Foundation in honor of our Dad this year.

So here's how it works folks:On Saturday September 13th you show up to Jarod's 30th Birthday Bash with $5 bucks per family member. Yes this is a family event but you know how our family does it so it will be fun anyway. Think of how much money you'll be saving by not having to buy him a gift. Then this is where it gets difficult... you eat, drink, mingle, dance and celebrate Jarod's 30th.

EVERYONE is invited so if you know someone that Jarod may have went to school with, played ball with, coached with, etc. please forward this, text them, call them or send me their info so I can get them a proper invite. We are not trying to hear "well I didn't go because I didn't get an invitation (whah, whah). If you want the real paper invitation send me your info. I will be harassing you up until the day so you don't forget. There will be a keg, punch and a champagne toast but if you want that good stuff you gotta bring it yourself.

Oh yeah one more thing: the theme is BLACK & WHITE. Please wear black and/or white. This is not the same as "black tie". If you want to wear a black and white sweatsuit ala Run DMC that's cool but lets be real, how often do we get to get dressed up??

So, to all of my blog buddies, if you are in WA next weekend, let me know, and come party with us! And this year I don't have to research diet pill reviews to get ready.

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MP2 said...

You guys are so much fun! I'll send along a little something to attend the party "in spirit" anyway (-: