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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Little by little

I'm remembering some of the bringing the baby home necessities that I need to address. Mostly, these don't involve any type of equipment yet, but a smack down of discipline on the two that are already living here.

Now, of course, when I write, smackdown and discipline, you can imagine my versions of both. But, I'm actually pretty proud of myself for following through and seeing that there really do need to be some changes in the next few months. I'm glad that I've had the sight, because these changes would not be fair to do the week before the baby comes home.

First off, no more pull ups for Ivy. Those suckers are expensive and we are broke as a joke. They were the ultimate in laziness for her and for us. I also had a visit recently from my "green loving" sis in law who is planning on cloth diapering that renewed my resolve. And, she has been dry for 3 nights straight. It was time.

Next, Bec is learning the power of going to his room. He hates to have his diaper changed and will run from me when I say it is time to change him. He will insist that he is "dry" even if his diaper is so soggy it is around his knees or if he stinks so badly that Ivy won't play with him. Now, I give him a warning. Then when I go to change him, if he runs, I march him into his room. If he hits, he gets marched to the room. If he screams, you get the point. He's learning pretty quickly but that guy loves to push the envelope.

I'm glad that I'm trying to make a difference before I'm too big to do anything about it. Today was the first day that my belly was obviously taking front and center. Bending over? Not so much anymore. Laundry baskets? Only on the hip from here on out!

One of these days I'll be posting about buying them acne cream. I'm hoping that I will remember these days fondly in hindsight.

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Melissa said...

I LOVE the stage you're in (with the pg not necessarily having to do some behavior mod)....

You're so smart to start now, Karianne.

We were the same way with pullups...we drug it out for our convenience. C still has occasional accidents, but not enough to justify $50 in pull ups/month. :)'ll be like a little raise...until Hendrix shows up.