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Thursday, August 07, 2008

And that's the kind of mama I am

And does anyone wonder why?

A little scenario for ya:

I went to my mom's where Ivy was hanging out. I said, "Ives, do you want to go to the bank with me?"

My mom pipes up and says, "Who is the adult here? You don't ask her if she wants to go. If you want her to go, you tell her she is going."
I say, "Mom, maybe you guys had made plans or something. I was just checking in with her."
Mom says, "Then ask me. I'm the adult. Don't ask the 4 year old."
I say, "Fine then. Do you want me to take her with me?"

Wait for it.
No shit, this actually happened,
Mom turns to Ivy and says, "Ivy do you want to go to the bank with your mom or stay with Mema?"


I wonder where I get it from? Hmmmmm.


MP2 said...

gotta love family...!

Katya said...

That's so awesome. Families are nuts.

And I like being inside your head. It's comfy, and oddly familiar.

Anonymous said...



KrayonKel said...


Well.... she is the granny. Grannies spoil.

Catherine said...

lol. oh my.

PiesBonitos said...

You had me cracking up!!

Mummy B said...

ROFL!! hehehee

Buttercup said...
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Buttercup said...

Cute story!