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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Here we are!

Front Row From Left to Right:
Laramee, Dallas, Karianne, Landi, Chase
Back row:

On Friday we had to clean out one of my dad's storage areas to go to auction. Talk about a dirty job. Dallas even ran into a mouse and about had to be resuscitated. The rest of us were deaf from her screaming.
My job was to only load the small stuff. I was a stud, all pregnant and helping. It took 4 loads in a huge uhaul and 4 regular trucks to get the job done. It was allllllll day. My sisters said that if we got our pics taken, I had to wear my mask since I wasn't as filthy as the rest of them. No prob!
We didn't find any ipods, buried treasure or a suitcase full of money, but we were so happy to have this chore finished!


Carrie said...

KARIANNE! I just saw that little blood cancer button in your sidebar, and my heart just did a huge happy dance! That is about the sweetest thing ever - THANK YOU!!

Now, back to regularly scheduled commenting --

You guys are all so beautiful! Your parents had great genes! I loved seeing your baby bump - it's perfect!

Hooray for getting that chore out of the way!


MP2 said...

Hey, you be takin' it easy, Missy!