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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Funniest Quote Ever

Every year we get the cousins together to have their photo taken for my mom for Mother's Day. This year it was crazy getting the kids and their schedules aligned, so we had to wait until last week to get a time in the studio.

Presenting my mom with the photo, in an envelope on Friday, she takes the picture out and says, "J* C*, no wonder why I have a headache!" We cracked up! We should get her some NC health insurance. They are a little intimidating as a group. But truth be told, out of all 8 of them, my 2 were the worst. Ah, me.


Carrie said...

ROFL! I love your mom's sense of humor! And I have to say - when I look at that picture, my eyes were immediately drawn to Ivy! She is so beautiful, and so spunky and full of life - it just shows through in that picture! Bec is adorable as ever! I wish I could hug that kid!

Melissa said...

OMG..that is the BEST picture. Ivy and her cute little pose. That's a lot of may need to even the score a bit with your bebe. :)