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Friday, July 18, 2008


Today I have been trying to focus on words. Just words. Not particularly what they say, but just having them, using them, in no particular order. If I stop to think about what I am saying, I will stop. Which is not the point of today. Avoiding any type of digital signage and only the words written, not typed on the page
At the beginning there was this mad rush to connect. Which I knew meant that I was avoiding the true work of today. And as I write today, I am telling myself to not limit this to one day. It may take more. I may need to do this for days. A new practice to practice. So, I did a small amount of connecting and pulled away sooner than I wanted to.
Flurry of painting lead to some experimentation with sealers to find out what I could write on. The acrylics that I use are scratchy and dry and make my hands jump away from the page. But I had sealers to try and I found something to get me through and past the feel of the page. Then some pen experimentation which will take much longer, but I found a trusty sharpie gets me through. Then the words. Haltingly and sparingly they are here.
And now once again, knowing myself, I am tearing myself away although I want to continue. Always leave while the party is good.
Time for a nap for baby and me.

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