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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Wasted on my mind

The memoir Wasted is on my mind a lot. One of the biggest things that I noticed was that she used the term anoretic to describe herself as opposed to anorexic. Then I saw the brand name Anoretix for a diet pill. Which really struck me in terms of appropriateness. And then today, going through a March edition of The New York Times, I learned that there are now the terms manorexia (in males), orthorexia (unhealthy obsession with perceived healthy foods), diabulimia (diabetics that avoid insulin to avoid weight gain), Binge Eating Disorder (where there is no compensation of purging calories) and drunkorexia that can describe binging on alcohol only or avoiding the calories from food to offset calories from alcohol. All of it is so much bigger than I ever thought possible. The book has opened up floodgates in my mind.

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