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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Hormones as well as inlaws make me crazy

Let's just say it took me forever, once again, to figure out that it was pms week. It's not like I don't keep track or anything! Maybe it is because I am in denial that it will actually happen to me again? Maybe it is just too traumatic of I block it out? Maybe that I have such faith in the new techniques my PAs have me trying out every month will somehow work miracles? And speaking of techniques, they have included more vitamins, upping the calcium, raising workouts from 3 times a week to 5 or 6, using fitness equipment when I grow tired of walking.

Regardless, my week, beginning on Sunday started out sucky and got gradually worse, until the extreme suckiness of Thursday, getting even worse this Friday morning to the level of ultra suckiness, but has retreated a bit this afternoon and evening to reduced suckiness. Thanks to the much adored and needed advil, thermacare wrap, tranquilizer, and 3 hour nap. Also, from the concern and care from people who love me that said, "Good God, you are in a crappy mood. You need to go home." And home I went. To my dark, dark dark quiet room. And a deep deep sleep.

To those of you that don't have kids, please, please be very careful of who you have your beautiful children with. Not that this will make any type of difference if you are in love, but keep it in the back of your mind that environment and genetics are all part of the deal. I'm not necessarily speaking of DH here, but can you tell by that warning that the inlaws have been in prime psychotic mode this week? Which of course means MIL and her crazy creepy brother and his clueless, in recovery wife. With his little cousin caught again in the crossfire of idiocity and selfishness. To the point where I was thinking about telling DH that we should pack up, move, and change our names? Thankfully, his cooler, more direct approach was clear and sensible. And, he did take matters into his own hands in saying that if any of those crazy inlaws were to contact me again I was to tell them that DH said "no one in our family of 4 is allowed to be brought into this situation of insanity and disrespect that has been created" and that we will only speak to them generic terms and only at family functions. That the crazies are to leave him and his family (me and the kids) alone. Whew! Way to go, Husband.

Then, my much dreaded moving of my spa is underway. Since I'm only a leasor(?) of one of the treatment rooms, I"m not really in a position of power in any huge decisions regarding where our business is heading unless I want to leave, which is the last thing I want to do. I'm trying to bury my head in the sand for a week or two. I hope that it works!

Lastly, the happiness blog has been chosen to also showcase some items for PU2B. The theme will still be all happy, all of the time, I'll just have to use some creativity, to make it fit. I'm excited for the challenge.

And from surviving this week, I learned that some days can be happy by ending. There is always a bright side, right?

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