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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

10 on Tuesday

This week's theme for Ten on Tuesday seems to fit here. So here goes! These lists always confuse me. Of course you will list your family, etc but are those "things"? So, I will literally list certain things...they may not be diamonds, or silver or a gold chain but I love them all the same.
'10 Things You Love About Your Life'
1. my library. in our town we have a few libraries. but at the main branch all of the librarians are kind of old and mean. and if they aren't old, then they are harried. but at my branch the librarians are nice. They take care of me.
2. my cell phone with the full keypad. I love to text. I love to get texts. my phone makes it all so much easier.
3. my purse collection. i can't favor any one over another.
4. elvis, my laptop.
5. my class ring that my sis bought me for Christmas.
6. my very worn, gold, rhinestone and camo flip flops. Oh, they are a sight to see. I remember when I spied them across the room at Nordstrom. I had a pounding heart hoping that they had my size. That was years ago. They are falling apart.
7. My altered journals because they are such a part of me.
8. honey scented bath bubbles from Avon. I'm not supposed to use bubbles. But I still do because of these.
9. My Christmas china. I bought the set while I was a teenager. And I'm still so thankful that I bought it. Worth every penny.
10. my treadmill. This sounds weird, even to me since I despise exercising. But it is always there for me, just in case.

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