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Friday, March 14, 2008

Ivy and Wasted

When I was listening to Wasted at one point, Ivy was in the car. The author said F**K and I hurried over and turned it off. I said, "Yikes, she said a bad word! I have to turn it off!"

Ivy says, "What word was it?"
Me: "I can't even say it because it is so bad."
Ivy: "Come on Mom. Tell me."
Me: "No Ivy, it is just a very bad word."

She gets quiet and I'm watching her mind work while she sits in her seat. She says quietly, "Was is butt?"
Me: "No Ivy. Worse than that."

Quiet again, more thinking.
She says, super quiet, "Was it poopy butt?"

I'm so trying to not laugh at this point. I tell her, "Ivy, you know that song on Rent called The Tango Maureen and there are words that you can't say in that song? That was the word."

Relieved and smiling that I broke down, she says,
"Oh, she said, F**King Cheated." Yeah mom, that is a bad word. "

How we got from butt to the f word, I'll never know.


carrie said...

They were probably equally as 'bad' in her mind. lol

Katya said...

I love that. I remember when words like butt felt so bad to say.

Catherine said...

LOL awwww that made me laugh. Kids are too cute.. I agree w/Carrie.. they probably were equally as bad to her!

Anonymous said...

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Melissa said...

that's so funny. Sweet Ivy

AnastasiaC said...

oh no!! kids! too smart for their own good...its so hard to avoid them hearing anything we consider bad...its out there!