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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

What is going on? Another Tackle It Tuesday!

At first I complain that I can't ever get around to doing a Tackle It Tuesday. Then I actually do Tackle it Tuesday two Tuesdays in a row. All the more for the power of suggestion, huh?

Today we had our social worker out to do another post placement report on Bec. This has been over a year in the making and planning. Due to the fact that Chris and I weren't married at the time of Bec's Ethiopian adoption, I was the only one listed on the African birth certificate. Once in the US, our agency requires us to go through a readoption on American turf.

One of the parents that has adopted from AAI, uses her skills to help all of us in the readoption process get all of our paperwork together to submit to the courts. All for the unheard of, tiny fee of $50 and a photo of your kid! We are so lucky that she gives back like this.

After she looked through our file, she told us that she could adjust the paperwork so that Chris and myself could readopt as a couple now instead of my doing the readoption, then Chris doing a domestic adoption. In that offer, she saved us an addition couple of grand. The only thing that she needed was another visit from our social worker.

Coordinating an appointment has been crazy for months, but since Chris is now home recovering it turned out that she could fit us in for a visit. And we ADORE her. We always tell her that whenever she has any other homestudies in our area to let us know so she can stop by. She is amazing and loves Bec to pieces. She helped us to escort him from Denver to WA when he first came home. He is the youngest child she has personally placed. She calls him, "her baby".

I'm sooooo glad that is off the list of things hanging over my head. Now all of the other steps can begin and we just have to wait to submit our file and wait for our court date.


Katya said...

Congratulations on completing that next big step! That's so amazing that the parent has been so helpful in getting all your stuff together; I'm sure it's all a headache. And even better that you guys can both adopt together, instead of having to do it separately. What a good day!

Carrie said...

Hey, you are on a roll milady!

I am so glad that this step is down and you never have to worry about it again! Hooray!

I hate those kinds of things that just sort of weigh on your shoulders that you know you need to get done... eventually. Hooray for that burden being gone!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Doesn't it feel great to check things off the enormous adoption-completion list?

Ipshi said...

Have been reading through your continual happiness blog and it has brought me so much... ur such a beautiful person and ur posts have given me so much hope.

Thank you so much... feel like im writing to an angel of hope.. God bless you

KrayonKel said...

So cool how people connect. I'm glad Bec was placed with you and Chris. What a terrific match!