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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

If you were me, today would be

your one year legal marriage anniversary.


Yep, Chris and I have been legally hitched for 365 days which shocks us to no end. Not that we have been together for that long, but that we are legally married at all.

Have I told you guys these stories before?

First off, Chris and I met in the grocery store on 10/26/00. This is the date that we celebrate as our anniversary because pretty much since we clapped eyes on each other we've been together ever since.

Then, on August 28, 2003 we had a ceremony but never filed the paperwork. It always made us too nervous and we didn't like to talk about it. (This story is the best!) It will require it's own post or two.

September 2003 we had Ivy.

May 2006 Bec came home from Ethiopia.

Then, after adopting Bec (another long story) we decided to make it legal to give him the same benefits as Ivy with Chris' estate if anything should happen to him.

January 1, 2007 filed paperwork for marriage, with the marriage license and everything. Ceremony at our house with Chris, myself, our pastor, her hubby, our kids and my partner TLC from the spa.

Last year we were so stressed out about the "wedding" that we didn't tell anyone. It was so not "us". The night before we had a huge fight and were barely speaking at all by the wedding. But, we convinced ourselves that it was for the best for Becken, not a choice that we would make on our own, but a sacrifice we would make for the benefit for our son. That made it better.

This morning Chris said, "Happy New Year. And happy anniversary."
I said, "I know, I can't believe that we made it 365 days and we aren't divorced yet."
He said, "Yep, I guess we can't go back now."
I said, "DON'T SAY THAT! That's a horrible thing to say to me. We can always go back to before."
Then he laughed.
I love being married to someone who has my same beliefs.

So, for what it is worth, Happy Legal Wedding Anniversary to us!


Katiefucious said...

Happy Anniversary Karianne!

Er...Happy LEGAL Anniversary Karianne!

And...Happy New Year Karianne!!

Katya said...

Happy Legal Anniversary!

Melissa said...

Happy Legal Anniversary Day to you!

Haha...I remember this story from when we had lunch. (and, yes, I'm still bragging about the fact that I met you IRL----and speaking of which, what the heck was I thinking over xmas break? I had many days off. Should've. Made. Date. With. Karianne!) gah!

3 Beauties said...

Happy WhateverYouWantMetoCallIt Anniversary!

I am awed by the devotion you have shown to your children, but also to yourselves. You both know where you stand, and are cool with it all.

Thanks for your call, by the way. I figure you were getting all ready for your "date" while on the phone, weren't you?

You so crazy...

KrayonKel said...

I know you don't think it's a big deal, but I think it's wonderful! :) Happy happy anniversary! You guys are adorable.

alisonwonderland said...

you make me smile! happy legal anniversary! :)

Carrie said...

Happy Legal Anniversary! :D

It sounds like you two are a great match, with very similar mind-sets and ideals.