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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Not blogging, reading!

Hey all,

I am determined to make my yearly goal of 52 books. At this point, I'm only 5 away! My days are filled with reading, requesting, searching and deciding on books to finish out my list. I hope that I can sustain my momentum to take me thru the end.

I vaguely remember something like this end of the year push in 2006. Maybe I should spread them out a bit more during the year? But if I did, I'd miss out on this self imposed read-fest. I'm loving it.

Miss you guys. I haven't been checking up on any blogs, so I'm totally out of the loop.


KrayonKel said...

Only five! Oh, you'll so totally make it!

Don't worry about not checking my blog. I actually haven't been writing much. I"ve been trying to finish up my Christmas newsletter.

Christy said...

Good for you!! Reading is good-- I tell myself that as I read my smut magazines-- I read them for the articles!!!

See you soon.

Chrisyt :)

Melissa said...

You are my hero and a girl after my own heart! I love reading, and I generally love people who love to read. (and you know I totally heart you already, so this just makes you even more awesome in my mind!)

Carrie said...

I am really glad to see this post. I was just about to email you and make sure that you were alright. I am glad that you are doing something fun and relaxing like reading! I hope that you are enjoying the books you have chosen and are blooming in the refreshing break. *hugs*

alisonwonderland said...

so, i want to know what you're reading! i'm trying to get some more books in by the end of the year too. right now i'm working on Tara Road by Maeve Binchy. i finished Michael Cunningham's The Hours earlier this week.