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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Dog tags

Look what I got for my niece Jaiya!

Inspired by Carrie from Mountain Railway, I decided to take a dog tags assignment for an opinion related post. I haven't ever done one before and I was kind of nervous, but I love the dog tag and I'm sure that Jaiya will too.

I ordered the dog tags after picking out the coloring and the lettering. Then they sent it to me just a few days later and I'm very happy with it. I had it made in her team colors that she cheers for. I had it engraved with the cheer symbol, her name and her team.

I'm excited to give it to her.


PiesBonitos said...

I am so glad thatyou were happy w/ it! I love the review assignments! I've gotten so many nice things! I hope something else that catches your fancy comes by again soon!

Katya said...

Very cute gift idea! I'm sure your neice will love it.