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Saturday, September 08, 2007

More summer photos

It is hot as all get out here still. I'm pretending that summer really is coming to an end, and posting some more of our summer photos in celebration! These photos are all taken at my sister's house while we were playing on the blow up water slide (not pictured). Ivy is with my niece Jaiya and they play "teenagers" in the Jeep. Bec is enjoying his food and drink as usual!


Christine said...

Bec sure looks like he's really enjoying his noodles. :)

Ivy could be America's Next Top Model!

Great Summer photos.

Melissa said...

so cute cute cute. Ivy's hair is darling...very chic. Bec looks like a bundle o' fun eating his cup o' noodles.

I, too, am longing for the crispness of is coming. You're good to celebrate the end of this season. I'm making a mental note to do the same

KrayonKel said...

I ADORE looking at pictures of your kids. I bet they are a bundle of fun!

I'm sorta sad that I won't see Missouri's autumn. It really is gorgeous here at that time of the year. But I noticed while in Dallas they do have many trees that aren't coniferous. So I'm still hoping for a colorful fall.

3 Beauties said...
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AnastasiaC said...

adorable...your kids are beautiful!
love your little girl's haircut!