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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Crank 'dat Roosevelt

This is Roosevelt, our new dog! Yes, he is wearing a crocheted pink and white dress. Yes, he is a boy. Yes, he is that tiny. He is about 10 weeks old and will only get a pound or two bigger if he is like his parents.

Last month our sitter, Shauntia bought a pomeranian/chihuahua puppy. My brother named him Roosevelt after the Soulja Boi song, "Crank dat". (Which was the hit at my xstep mom's wedding with all of the boys doing the dance. I wish that I would have taped it and put it on Youtube. Bec was doing his own version.)

Anyway, we all fell in love with "Roosie". He is tiny and funny and just a good puppy all around. Well, Shauntia had a change of location and had to move into an apartment that doesn't take dogs. She asked if we wanted to buy him and we jumped at the chance. Ivy doesn't realize it yet as we bought him for her for her bday this month. My sis is keeping him until we can present him as a present at her party with a huge bow. She loves him and plays with him all of the time when Shauntia babysits or when she is at my sister's house.

On a side note, Bec hates him. He likes dogs, but doesn't like Roosie. I think that he is just at that age where he doesn't like anything that gets attention besides him. Oh well, he'll have to learn to coexist. They do like to chase all around the yard though.


Melissa said...

oh, he's so leeeetle. What a sweetpea. Chandler is really wanting another pet....we had to put our dogs down in June. I keep saying that once the allergy shots start working we can think about it. I want to see pics of Ivy when she gets Roosie!

Mummy B said...

oh my goodness, that's the cutest thing I've seen all day! naaaw I want to just snuggle him! The little pink outfit just makes him all the cuter. What a lucky girl Ivy is! I'm sure she'll remember it as one of her favourite birthdays ever :) :)

Melissa said...

Karianne...go comment on my blog...I haven't had a comment in many posts. Is the comment button broken on mine, or am I just that dull?

Christine said...

He's so adorable. Love the pink dress. How cute! Yes we need to see some pics with Ivy and Roosie!

Carrie said...

Ahhh, he is so cute! And his name is perfect! And I love those sheets, btw!!

I hope he is fitting in well with your family!!