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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Happy Birthday Daddy!

I know that I post this pic often, but it is one of my faves, so that's that!

Ivy and I made pineapple upside down cupcakes today. We had chinese food for lunch and rented the new Backyardigans movie. Bec was hangin' with the homies at school as he hates to stay home while Ivy and I adore it! We haven't done our little singing party yet, but we will. Ivy keeps asking if Papa is going to come to our house but I told her that he is still in Heaven and won't be able to come but we'll sing loud and he'll hear us and we will make him so happy! She loved that part!

As for tonight, I"m OUTTA HERE!!! My sis and I are going out to dinner and then OUT!! Dancing, bar hopping, whatever, we are heading into the night to enjoy ourselves to the fullest! What to wear, what to wear? I can't wait! By the way, this totally fits in with my dad's form of celebrating although he'd be at the country bar, which we may show up at, but we'll probably hit 80s night! He could party it up, and he passed it on down to his girls! Jarod and Chase are sticks in the mud as far as partying is concerned. Silly boys.

Wish you could all come play with us! We always have so much fun!

Thank you for all of the support this past week. You all have been simply amazing.




KrayonKel said...

Wish I could come!

I never did get to go country dancing. That weekend fell through last time. But HEY! I'm in Texas! I gotta find me some friends so I can go Boot Scoot Boogie-ing!

Enjoy your night!

Karen Beth said...

I wish I could go too!

Sounds like you and Ivy had a lovely time at home today. I'm glad. I was thinking about you.

Have fun tonight, girlie!!


Karen Beth :)

Catherine said...

Karianne, Happy birthday to your dad... I'm sorry I've been MIA.. I think of you often and love you bunches.. I'll email you to get you up to date on my whereabouts. Lots and lots of love to you as you remember your daddy, honey.