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Monday, August 27, 2007

What to say?

I'm in a writing mood tonight without much to say. Don't have any real news to report or any stories to tell. Just hanging out while the rest of the house sleeps, listening to the a/c that is still running because it is still so hot here.

Fighting my pelvic infection has been proving difficult these past couple of weeks. I'm into my doc on W and after a call today I also have to get a vag. ultrasound before I go in. Yuck times infinity. I then remembered that I have my physical tomorrow so maybe my family p.a. can help with the pain and discomfort tomorrow and Wed. to get through all of the procedures. But even the thought of her examining me tomorrow brings tears to my eyes. Icky stuff.

I had to send the neighbors home early tonight as it got dark so quickly. Ivy was mad but I really don't want the neighbor boys out walking when it is so dark, even if they are only one house away. Their names are Oscar and Eduardo. Ivy calls them Oscar and DiGuido. Bec just roams saying, "Okkar. E Ah you?" Which means Oscar, where are you? They bring over their puppy named Tiger. I can almost hear their mom's sigh of relief when they come hang out over here. Besides those 2 which are 8 and 6 she has an 11 year old daughter and a 1 month old son. I like to give her a break.

I have been bidding on the complete series of Alias on ebay, so wish me luck. If I'm bidding against you, please take pity on me. Last night as I was layed up with my female condition, I benefited by missing a dinner out at MIL's house. Yeah me! Anyway, I made a quick trip to the video store and almost rented the first disc of season 1 of Alias again which would have been probably the 4th time I'd rented it. Then, I started doing some math in my head and realized that by purchasing the whole series used, I would probably save money! So, I put it back and rented Grey's Anatomy. I haven't ever seen it before. Yes, I'm out of the loop. I'm being entertained watching it, but there is a lady on the disc at this point that has pancreatic cancer. I stopped watching then.

Yesterday I got some great deals hitting some sales and on Friday I had bought some super cute things at Goodwill for the kids. Yesterday's bounty was found at KMart with 50% off of their clearance. Today the kids each wore a new outfit that cost $1.50. Yes, today my kids were dressed for $3. BOTH OF THEM! In brand new stuff. My cousin then told me about another sale that I had missed and then I went and bought myself 5 tops for $5 each. No way! Super cute and in right now too. Not just tee shirts or tanks or anything like that. If I get inspired I'll post some pics.

My little sister Laramee started college today in another state.

Today one of the conspirators with the W#Ore and the Traitor had to give a deposition with our attorney for the estate.

Chris grilled steaks this weekend that turned out really tough. I made a steak soup today in the crock pot and it turned out great. The steak was very tender. I froze the leftovers, then wrote down on the calender for next month a reminder to eat it again for dinner. I get so irritated when I'm cleaning out the freezer and I come across frozen meals that I made in advance that I then have to throw away. I have being so inefficient with food!

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Carrie said...

Hey, what a good idea about writing on the calendar to remind yourself about frozen stuff! I end up leaving stuff in there and it's so annoying when you realize you've wasted perfectly good food because you've forgotten about it.

I'm sorry about the icky infection. That really sounds painful! I am sending lots of get well quick wishes to you! *HUGS*

Hey, I hit up the kmart sales too. They didn't have hardly any boys stuff though -- it was all for girls. I told hubby that if we had a girl we would have hit the jackpot. I did end up finding a cute shirt and skirt for myself though. Good deals are so fun, are't they? Hooray for your $1.50 outfits!!