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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Friday Fun!

It was finally Friday and after a crazy morning of Chris getting called into work early and me having to take the kids with me to my dr. appt. Things settled down enough so I could reward myself with an afternoon of sewing. And my appointment went great! She removed my "mole" and said that it wasn't anything at all to worry about. My gal is great and always compliments me and the kids so I feel wonderful when I leave. This visit she "loved" my hair, my top, my tattoo and the kids. She's great for my self esteem.

Anyhow, first photo is of Ivy waking up with her new doll Sunshine that I made for her during her nap. Sunshine is a pillowcase doll, sewn from the fabric of one pillowcase. The next photo is Sunshine naked. The next is when she is all dressed up in her gown and her bonnet. Isn't she so sweet? Ivy has drug her around all weekend and she (the dolly) has already been in the washer and dryer. My sewing skills are minimal with lots of unfinished edges and mistakes but I had a blast making this doll for her. Sunshine is the 2nd pillowcase doll that I've made. My first one I made 2 weeks ago for my Nana out of a blue gingham pillowcase with blue ric rac and embroidery. Her name is Bluebird and she is now hanging in my Nana's kitchen. Friday night I started another one for my mom using some adjustments that I made to the pattern. Since I had made the adjustments my mom's doll has a scar on her leg and her neck where I made mistakes, but I think my mom will like the little quirks. I haven't named her yet. Hopefully I'll remember to take a pic before I give her away. And maybe I'll go snap one of Bluebird as well!

PS. I forgot to tell you why I chose that pillowcase for Ivy. I bought the pillowcase at Goodwill for .99 When my sister and I were little we shared a room with bunkbeds. Our room had yellow gingham wallpaper, curtains and bedspreads edged with white lace that my mom made for us. To this day when our cousins see anything yellow gingham, they say that it reminds them of our old bedroom when we were little! So I had to do the yellow into the next generation, of course.


KrayonKel said...

It's so cute that her pjs are pink gingham. It's tradition! :)

Melissa said...

I lovelovelove Sunshine. I love the sentimental connection, the love the you put into sewing her for your girl, and the fact that she isn't "perfect". Is the pattern somethign you'd consider sharing?

LaLa said...

The doll is super cute and so is Miss Ivy. Glad your appt. went well : )

PiesBonitos said...

You are so ambitious! I wish I could sew! I love the little doll. What a pefect keepsake!

Your cutie is adorable too!

alisonwonderland said...

you are so creative! (would you be willing to pass along a little bit of instruction so i can try it out too?)