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Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Our local library doesn't have many audio books. And even less than that are their audio book cds. When I was driving my car I could check out either a cassette recording or a digital recording, but I have my mom's car for the summer and she only has a disc player. I don't listen to the radio in fear that a song will come on where I will start to cry and won't be able to stop. Playlists are too unpredictable.

Last week I was at the library going through the slim pickin's. I found the recent recording of "The Thirteenth Tale" by Diane Setterfield. I have been entranced by this book from the moment I put it in the player. In fact, I checked out the printed version today as well, so I could continue with it while I'm in the house.
The plot has just started to turn a bit sinister and I'm loving it all.

I'm the type of person that reads more than one book at a time. My attentions have been divided between, "The Hypocrite In The Poufy White Dress" (So funny!) and rereading an old favorite, "The Time Traveler's Wife". I chose to do the rereading right now for the safety of it. I know what happens and I love it. In the wings are "I Like You" by Amy Sedaris and "Ship of Magic".

The weather here in town has been in the hundreds until Sunday night when it turned hot, cloudy and stormy. Today has been milder with grey clouds and a lot of wind. This is my migraine weather. Whenever I'm about to get a migraine, the air pressure changes and my ears start to ring. Since this is the weather that brings them on, I"ve been on edge. The only other trigger that I have is Spray N Wash where the migraine comes on immediately. So while I'm reading my book, I'm in terror of my head beginning to melt off. It is a little bit overwhelming, along with the rest of life right now. But you know, sometimes I love being overwhelmed.

Some only slightly removed family sorrows have been playing out since last week. I'm debating on writing about them, because I think that if I write them out, I'll remember them too vividly. But sometimes, this is the opposite approach. Sometimes I need to get them out to forget about them.

Add to all of this, Father's Day around the corner.

Whew! I'm so happy to have a stack of books to hide in! When I'm feeling ready to slay dragons again, I'll come out fighting. Until then, Happy Reading to you all!


Christine said...

I"m looking for a good funny book, I'll have to check the "Hypocrite in a poufy white dress out!" Sounds interesting. You know, I've never tried an audio book, might be easier to read than actually a printed book.
Thanks for all the book recommendations. :)

wish studio said...

i can never read more than one book at a time! you must be very talented :)

Mert said...

I think I will have to check that book out too! I love reading in the summer for some reason. I;m still reading Lake Wobegone Boy by Garrison Keillor. I just love him.

I hope your migraines get better... I got one 2 days ago triggered by someone burning stuff in their yard, the smoke got me. which has never happened before. Luckily we closed the windows and caught it before it got too bad.

I know what you mean about Father's Day... I lost mine in '90 and still am missing him very much.

Carrie said...

I'm not good at reading more than one book at a time. I either gravitate towards one or the other. However right now I am reading a parenting book, and I think I need a novel, because I'm getting pretty bored. But if I start the novel, I'm afraid I'll just ditch the parenting book altogether, and it is insightful, so I don't want to do that. Hmmm....

Icky about the migraines! I hope that they stay away from you!

Thinking of you as Father's Day is approaching!

Cathy said...

Oh sweetie... I'm sorry you're battling demons right now.. I can relate. I'm going to email you.. sometimes sharing makes the load a bit lighter, as we know..

Know you are in my prayers daily, and thank you *very* much for the book list (I will be taking that to the library today.)

Love you,

Katiefucious said...

I still recommend the Black Jewels Trilogy, especially if you WANT to get lost in a book. So maybe it's a better winter book, when you can't be outside in the sun so often.

Glad to hear all is well. No pictures of the dance recital?