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Friday, May 18, 2007


I honestly haven't ever spent this much time outside in my life. Bec loves outside. It is one of the words that he can say perfectly. "outside, outside" when he is standing by the door. How can I resist?

Ivy is more like me, and stays indoors most of the time. But while I'm out with Bec, she eventually meanders out. They both end up hanging out. It hasn't been too hot for which I am thanking my lucky stars. I freaking hate to be hot.

Anyhow, since Bec has been home, my afternoons are mostly outside. They dig for treasure. Ivy ends up crying about 5 times in an hour. Bec plays with his stroller and dump trucks. Ivy tries to ride her trike. They both get filthy. We now have bath night every night because I can't and won't keep them out of the dirt.

As my consolation for being in the fresh air, confined to my yard, I give myself a mental permission slip from chores and read blog after blog after blog from strangers. Sometimes with a glass of wine, when I really feel like I'm reading through my own private episodes of soaps. Most evenings, the battery shuts down and we go into the house.

Just thought that I'd share that with you all.