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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Great Night

OK, well I have posted before about some of the troubles that Chris and I have on date nights. To me, it seems that I do a lot of the planning to not much appreciation and it has kind of been building for a while.

Well, tonight, things changed. A bit. After Chris had his nap, he woke up cranky. That sounds funny, because I could be typing about Ivy or Bec at this point, but no, it was Chris. And I wake up cranky too from time to time. But it seemed like things just got worse as the afternoon wore on.

The great night came about because, I decided to change my regular pattern and try something different. After he pulled the car out of the drive, I asked him how he thought the night was going to go. He then said that it was up to me. And I said, that I thought it was up to him. So, then, after realizing how the night was going to go, I said, "maybe we should spend date night apart tonight." He said,"Fine by me" got in his car and left.

So I got in my car and drove around listening to a book on cd. I called my sister and we went to dinner and talked and laughed like we haven't done in months. And it turned out to be a nice night.

I'm proud that I didn't make myself stay the course for date night even though I knew it was going to turn out icky, and possibly pretty bad if the arguing escalated. It has taken me a long time to let go of certain expectations. Tonight was a reward to me for paying attention. I think that date night is going to be suspended for awhile. I'm tired of wasting my money to pay for a sitter for a so/so night. I guess you can't force a good date night, but I had to try for awhile anyway. Live and learn. Maybe I'll have a date night with my sister instead!


Cathy said...

Well, I'm sorry he was being a Fathead. That truly sucketh. BUT! girls nights are sometimes just what we need to charge our batteries! I do these (I'm embarrassed to admit) more often then date night! At least once a month but during Dancin' with the Stars (ok now I'm even more embarrassed to admit that), my sister and best friend and mom get together at one of our houses each week to watch together, so that definitely counts as a mini girls night as well.
When we do get to have date night, which is about once a month, we appreciate it so much -- maybe it's because they are so few and far between? I'm not sure.. but big hugs to you for Chris not being nice but I'm so happy you had a fun night with your sister. Aren't sisters the BEST?
Love ya!
PS: sorry for the big long book reply *red face yet again*

Carrie said...

My guy wakes up cranky too, so I'm feeling you on that one.
Glad that you were able to turn the lemons into lemonaid, and got your money's worth for the sitter.
Sometimes it's great to have bonding time with a sister, isn't it?!

Anonymous said...

Hey - I need someone to go see the scary movie (can't remember what its called - disillusioned? diabolical? disturbed? something with a 'd') with me. Wish you lived closer )-:

Cathy said...

Disturbia! I saw it -- it's good! ;-)