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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Mother's Day (Another Pic @ End)

This is the cowgirl hat that my sister bought me for Mother's Day. Isn't it sooo cute? I've worn it everytime I've left the house since Sunday. I triple love it!

My mom had hired a couple of guys that she usually employs for little stuff around the daycare and handymen work. She asked them if they could redo my Nana's brick walkways, strawberry patch, rosegarden and deck in time for Mother's Day. They had about 14 days or so to get it done. Well, on Wednesday afternoon they stormed off of the job. Everything was TORE UP! No deck, walkways all demolished, etc.

So...guess what we all did this last week and weekend? Yep, call me Handy Kari! Here was the family work crew: me, sister, brother, cousin, cousin in law, mom, uncle, uncle, aunt, friend, friend, and ex friend. Ex-sister-in-law, ex-sister-in-law's boyfriend. And Jackson and about 3 of his friends. Chris was home with our kids.

11 o'clock nights until Friday, then Midnight on Saturday, but it got done! And it looks so pretty.

My mom wouldn't let my Nana out of the house because it was supposed to all be a surprise although she new she was getting a new deck. One late night my mom was there by herself picking up before the next day. She said that she was by the back window she heard a scratching and tapping noise. When she looked up, my Nana had stuck out one of those long BBQ forks out of the window with a hot dog on it! My mom said, "Thanks, Mom" and ate the hot dog. Scratching again, she looked up and out comes a pickle on the fork. My Nana said, "You'd better enjoy it, it's my last one!" Isn't that cute?

For her rosegarden all of the grandkids gave her a new rosebush. My was called, "Fantasy" or something like that. I told my friend jill that since Nana is 86 years old, she was probably thinking, "Now I have 8 more rosebushes to take care of!" But, she liked them. I'm sure that she was happy when all of the company was gone.

Here is a photo of landi, jarod, me, my mom, and Nana at prom.


LaLa said...

Nana is 86???? She is still a hottie!!!

KrayonKel said...

cute hat. my roommate got a new hat and she gave me her old one. i luv it!

Carrie said...

Your Gramma sounds like mine -- and they are similar ages! She looks amazing! (Btw, thanks for posting the pic -- it makes the story even more personal when you can picture the person). The hotdog/pickle story cracked me up!

Love your new hat!

Cathy said...

You are adorable in that hat!

MP2 said...

Your family is so neat.

Janean said...


And I like the prom pic too. :D

Tina said...

So glad you could do something so special for your nana. My grandparents are all gone now (for a long time) and I miss the relationships like that.

Groovy hat! I am not daring enough to wear one (then again, I don't like wearing hats because they mess up the hair!). ;)

Mummy B said...

You all look fabulous :) :) I love your dress!

You can definately tell your all related! Strong family resemblence!

Oh and the cowgirl hat is adorable ;)