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Monday, May 14, 2007

PC - A Thinking Blog!

The sweet Miss Lala over at
ladybugs and dragonflies gave me a Thinking Blogger Award. Needless to say, she made my morning a couple of weeks ago when she did this. Little did I know that my prom birthday plans of fun and celebration would get me a thinking award! What a bonus! I just wanted a huge party in my honor. Just joking. Umm, maybe.

Anyhow it has taken me a long time to come up with only 5 thinking blogs to pass the award on to. And then I thought about it and decided to nominate my top 5 food blogs that I read like a woman obsessed. I comment on some of them, but we don't correspond. I cook dinner almost every night and I like to eat, but don't love to cook and eat like some of these writers. They inspire me and get me thinking about what I put in my mouth. They aren't especially healthy or trendy but they all enjoy their food and writing about eating. Here are my nominations:

Dirty Sugar Cookies from Ayun Halliday.
I am a huge fan of Ayun. From her zine to her books to her blog, this woman inspires me to be me. I have found great blogs through her commenters of like minded souls. Her writing encourages me to use the F word, make my daughter wear her hair up and let the housework go in favor of exploring and being creative. I bought my first bottle of fish sauce because of this woman. She also has a travel blog about their recent trip to "Whogoslavia", a place that I wouldn't even dream of traveling to.

The Hungry Cabbie from Famous Fat Dave.
Dave drives a cab. Dave has a digital camera, an appetite, a love for food that I also enjoy and a tour that you can book to eat your way through New York. My sister and I are so going to take this tour whenever we make it to NY. Dave photographs the food that he is going to eat. He photographs himself and his friends eating the food. He loves his girlfriend and the way that she cooks. I check into this blog daily, and I always leave hungry. My favorite post somewhere on the blog is about fried chicken and waffles.

Gluten-Free Girlfrom Shauna James.
Shauna has just had her book published. Shauna is in LOVE with her Chef. Her blog is about what she can cook, make, eat without gluten. But mostly, Shauna's blog is a love story. The way that she writes speaks to my fantasy side of my life as well. I found her blog through an article in a Seattle magazine, came home, looked it up and haven't really left since. She is getting ready for her wedding, and reading her emotions of love, makes me fall in love with Chris all over again. She's such a neat gal.

Orangette by Molly.
I haven't read too much here because Molly was in France with her mom and living it up. Now she is back and giving us so much to experience with her. The food, the settings, the service, she covers it all. I have been lost in this blog this weekend and can't wait to dig deeper.

Tout de Suite Buttercup! by Buttercup
Now, for this last one, I'm breaking with the food blogs to give you a blog about everything else. Traveling, being a lawyer, getting mugged and having your very first nephew. Right now Buttercup is traveling before starting a much worked for new job and traveling and volunteering. Through her words I've been all over, including to Bikini Boot Camp! This blog always gives you something to think about. This woman pulls no punches. She also isn't a stranger to me, we are e-friends and I'm so thankful. You can read some of her comments on some of my posts from time to time.

For all of my nominees, if you'd like to continue on with this, here is the link.

The Thinking Blog


Anonymous said...

I love you cuz you are a thinker (-:

Buttercup said...

Karianne, You are the sweetest ever! I'm incredibly honored. I'm also slightly amazed b/c it seems often to me that much of my writing is simply recording the things that happen to me in my daily life - like there's not enough introspection there (at least lately since I got over the soul numbing job and heart crushing relationship - :) ). Anyway, thank you for much!

Ayun Halliday said...

I'm honored to be among your thoughtful five, especially since the old brain pans feeling like a rusted out muffler ever since splashdown from the Planet Former-Yugoslavia.

You want inspirational? Check out Aline Kominsky-Crumb's recently published Need More Love. Ive always been a fan, and this supplies what few pieces she was withholding from the puzzle.

Happy New Moon.

Shauna said...

Thank you so much, Karianne. I'm truly honored. The writing comes out of me, and then it leaves. That it inspires you makes me sit up straighter and want to go back to work.