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Sunday, May 13, 2007


In this house we go through AA batteries like crazy in my discman and in Ivy's favorite Nemo flashlight. Since I listen to my meditation CDs on that player, I hate to run out. And does it seem like every child's toy that you own requires C batteries? I know that Bec's little walk around toy and his favorite piano always seem to be needing replacements. I'm always picking up packs of batteries at the store, just in case.

Battery is a site that has all sorts of batteries, not just the alkaline ones that we use on a daily basis. When I was browsing their pages, I had no idea that such a variety of batteries existed.

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Carrie said...

C Batteries are actually on my shopping list right now. We always need them. I go to the Dollar Store and buy the 4 battery pack for $1. They dont' last quite as long as the Duracel or Energizer, however they last long enough to make them a great deal!