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Sunday, May 13, 2007


When Chris and I first moved back into my house, we decided to get new blinds to replace our huge, plain, white vinyl pull-down roller shades. And guess what? Six years later, they are still up! Every now and again, we discuss replacing them, but are really too lazy to get in the car, shop around for styles and prices.

And now we have an option to not be in the car all afternoon looking for window treatments. Blinds is a busy website with a lot of options for window coverings. Including the roman shades that we covet every time we are at the home improvement center.

Now, if we can find the time to sit at the computer together.


Carrie said...

Window coverings are hard to shop for, aren't they?!? The selection is so huge, and I cannot make up my mind. I am currently trying to find a few things for our new house. Inexpensive, but not lacking in quality. I have been to 4 different stores and a few websites, and I cannot decide between everything. I ask my husband and he's all like "I don't know". hehe

Good luck!!

Tina said...

LOL - we felt the same way about the roller shades in our dining room. Four years later, they are still up (and look rather hobo-ish since they are ripping!). At least I am not alone with this!