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Monday, April 30, 2007

Owie Face

My wonderful dentist moved her office closer to my house, so I walked to my appt. this morning. I thought that I was going in for my cleaning. I forgot that I had a root canal to finish. So guess how I spent my morning?

I took an ibuprofen before the numbness wore off and now I'm so sore. Like I got hit in the face with a bat. And if history is right, I'll be even worse tomorrow! Oh well, at least it is done now. I have to go back for my cleaning next week.

Her new office is a lot bigger. The walk was nice. That's about all of the nice things I can come up with right now.

Hope everyone had a great weekend. I have to tell you all about an appetizer Chris and I had on Saturday. But, I won't do it justice while I'm cringing remembering chewing.


Cathy said...

Ouch! No fun! I hope you're being pleasantly surprised and today isn't as bad as you thought(?) *fingers crossed*
Looking forward to hearing about your appetizer when you're up to it!

wish studio said...

ooooh, dentists are no fun! hope your feeling better soon. wanna hear about that yummy appetizer!

LaLa said...

Ouch...hey, now go check out my latest post. I nominated you for a thinking blogger award : )

KrayonKel said...

I went to the dentist yesterday too!!!! WOW! Craziness!

It's like when you find out you share birthday's with someone--only it's dentist's appointments, and it's not fun, and it's sort of optional the day you have it, and it comes around twice a year.


But since our first "shared moment" was that we both hate the taste of toothpaste, than it is quite appropriate, don'tcha think?

Carrie said...

Ohhh, ouch! I am so sorry. I've never had a root canal, but the thought sure does make me cringe!!

alisonwonderland said...

i've never had to have a root canal either, but i'm feeling your pain, my friend!

That's about all of the nice things I can come up with right now.

at least it's something! hugs!

Christine said...

Owie! Just thinking about a root canal makes me cringe.
I've never had one,but I remember how my dad's face looked when he had his. He looked like he was in so much pain, and his cheeks were so swollen.
I hope your pain goes away soon!

Mert said...

Awww, you poor thing! I hope you feel better soon and you get some rest.