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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Maybe the class is working...

(I started this post last week, and since I'm still MIA with my tooth, I thought that I'd finish it to at least get something up!) - K

I swear, it's like I can't shut up on the keyboard or something!

Here are some quotes from Women In The Wild:

"icelanders were like that. They could talk about the most sophisticated technology for the conversion of hot seawater locked under their rocks into electric power that lights up all of Reykjavik and then they could say in the same breath, "See that mountain over there? That's where the elves live."
I hope to be described that way someday. Both logical and mystical at once!

"I have bonded. I belong along-side this rocky inlet with its salt tides, its pine-tiered, green islands, it's gulls who remember us even when we've forgotten ourselves."

"A woman whose eyes were glowing as if in league with the larger usurpation, she had sucked all the light from the universe, hung it about herself like a jewel, then ignited the fire that had swept the dunes, that had fallen about me like the net of a princess wanting to play."

"Where in other than our own bodies could we hope to know nature so well?
Women know this when they menstrtuate, the cycle reminding us monthly that we are controlled, at least in part, by biological forces not subject to will. Women know this who have given birth - an experience that surely should be ranked among the species' most heroic. By the eighth month of pregnancy, any woman with her eyes open knows that she has trekked into a fearsome wilderness from which there is no turning back. In labor she howls like a shot animal, lost to everything but pain, until she speaks her first words as a mother: "I want to protect you from everything."

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