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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

What to Wear to Prom - pt.3

Like I said before, when I got back to the office after my prom realization, the news had spread like wildfire.

My brother said that he was going to wear one of those t-shirts that has a tux printed on it. I think that he is changing his mind though, and wants to rent tuxs to match his son and his nephews and my step dad. They are still deliberating though.

My mom said that she already had her dress.

Chris said that he wants to wear an old skool baby blue tux complete with ruffles. We would like to find a tux for Bec to match. Regardless, Chris and the baby will have matching ones we decided. We are going this Saturday to the rental places.

Everyone else said, Thank God it is far away so we can shop!

My little sisters, Laramee (18) and Dallas (15) have dresses from all of Laramee's proms in high school. Dallas hasn't yet been to a prom and she is having a cow she is so excited.

My niece Jaiya (8 years) has taken this prom business to heart. She has been having my mom buy her prom magazines. Then she puts post its on the dresses that she thinks that we will like. We don't have the heart to tell her that those dresses are way too expensive, but she is right on the money with our styles. She would make an amazing personal shopper.

In January, my mom and I actually went shopping for a prom dress for me while we were on a coffee date. We went to Ross, which has super cheap clothes and we couldn't find anything 'prommy' enough. But then we did find a short, gold, glittery spaghetti strap dress that she bought for me for my back up dress, just in case I couldn't find something else. The total was $20. I liked it, but didn't LOVE it, so I was still on the hunt.

My cousin Kimi found her dress at Goodwill for $2.50 and it is so cool. Red with tons of silver sequins. But, last I heard, her hairdresser wants my cousin to borrow her daughter's dress that is shiny black and dk. green which will go really well with her super dark hair. So now we aren't sure what corsage she should wear.

My friend Wendy is making a sari for herself with fabric that she has had, but didn't have a reason to use until now. She was explaining that pattern to me today and it sounds so pretty. It is a cool, blue toned red with embossed roses. She is also making some matching pants.

My friend Joanie bought a sweater set in a very icy light blue. The shell and sweater match but they don't look like what you would expect. The sweater is kind of like a shrug, but it is really drapey. I'm totally going to borrow it at some point.

Last weekend my sister and my babysitter and my brother went to Vegas for a getaway for 3 days. My sis found her dress there, which she is totally in love with. I haven't seen it yet, but I"m sure that it is gorgeous. She said that it has a 70s look with all different colors.

Shauntia found hers at one of the Mexican stores here in town. It is deep purple, sparkly and slinky. She is going to look amazing.

My friend Jayme is still looking, but said that she is going to wear her wedding dress if it comes down to it!

My friend Marny has had her dress for years. She bought it at a consignment shop for the auto show in Detroit. She paid hundreds for it, but it is a dress that is valued in the thousands! When I called her with the prom news, she said, "I know just what I'm going to wear. I've held on to this dress because I love it and really wanted to wear it again." I just hope that it stays clean if I happen to order pizza or fried chicken for part of the food on that night. You never know with my kids running around.

And as far as me and Ivy?

Will Karianne wear sweats because everything else seems too tight? Will she find a dress that meets what she has in her heart, but is within her budget? Will she end up wearing the back up gold dress that is in her closet?

Will Ivy wear her Nemo costume? Will she refuse to wear anything but her tshirt with the pug and a cupcake on it?

Stay tuned for the next installment of Karianne's Birthday Prom and Fundraiser.

PS. I'm still working on the "Donate" button, but it may not come to be. My brother is going to help me. But otherwise, I will email you all my address and the address of the agency! You guys are the best!


KrayonKel said...

How exciting!

I have a question about TT. I've been trying to get the blogroll on the side, and I can't get it to work. Then when I've look at other blogs, I can't find their blogroll.

What's up?

Mert said...

I loved reading about everyone's prom outfit... i'm such a girl sometimes!:D I hope you can find something to wear. I love Ross, BTW! I miss it, they don't have Ross here in Iowa.

alisonwonderland said...

what fun!

if i were to come in person, rather than just in spirit, i don't know what i'd wear ... i can relate to the "everything else seems too tight" but i think i'd want something fabulous in a flowing, brightly colored fabric ...

MP2 said...

Hey - I actually wore a gold dress to my sr. prom (-: