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Saturday, December 16, 2006

PC or PracticingContentment Post

Since I've been a crabby poster lately and I am feeling another crabby post coming for tomorrow, I've decided to do a PC post, or practicingcontentment post as this is the actual title of this blog.

PC things for today:

My kids are well. This is not really normal for Miss I, so it is a huge success to have her so healthy lately.

My friend Bonny came over today to share a cd that she made on which she wrote the strings music on 3 tracks. I'll let you know when you can buy it. She was so proud and I am so proud of her.

When Bonny was over, I used the Christmas china AND made finger sandwiches. I despise having people over to the house, but there are a select few that I love to spoil while they are here if I can make myself get off my you know what. I made cucumber sandwiches, swiss and tomato sandwiches and citrus cranberry turkey sandwiches. With the crusts off and cut into neat shapes. She's worth it. She deserves something for being my friend since kindergarten.

I was a shoulder to cry on for an out of state friend going through a really rough time. I was her advocate for self-care.

We all braved some crowds today to pick up some little gifts for Christmas. And we all were in good moods and got along.

I went to Old Navy and bought myself a pair of jeans that are one size larger than I normally wear. With my recent weight gain that I hope will be coming off soon, I've been forcing myself into uncomfortable, not flattering clothes. But today I decided, no more. I like me no matter what my weight! It takes time to take pounds off, why not be nice to myself while doing it? My new jeans are super cute too, and were on sale and feel so good when I can hike them over my booty without almost passing out. Stretch is such a great word when it comes to denim.

I can't wait to post a of photo of the set of nesting dolls that I ordered through Ivy's dance school, that I picked up today. I love them!

I had time to read up on some of my fave blogs and delete some old ones that I don't check anymore. It's nice to prioritize.

All love,



Janean said...

Good job counting your blessings, Karianne! and GREAT job treating yourself to the new jeans. Might as well be comfortable.
Can't WAIT to see tomorrow's post. ;P LOL

East of Oregon said...

love love love the jeans comment.. I'm inspired now to go buy something cute regardless... :) THANKS!

I said...

Karianne, you're blessed with beauty. I mean it :)